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Forty Foot

A seven minute version of this film was made as part of the International Documentary Challenge. Completed in four days and co-directed with Letica Agudo and Paul McGrath of Whackala, this charming short film looks at the history of the Forty Foot bathing area, and introduces us to some
of the brave people that go swimming there – even when the water temperature is only 4°c.

"We picked one film that we all connected with. That film captured a place and the people with so much genuine spirit, ease and humour."

Running time: 9 minutes
Date: March 2009, Dublin


* BEST SHORT IRISH FILM & THE AUDIENCE AWARD - 2009 Stranger Than Fiction Film Festival, Dublin.

* BEST FILM & BEST USE OF HISTORICAL GENRE - 2009 International Documentary Challenge in Hot Docs, Toronto

Official Selection:

* 2009 Doclisboa
* 2009 Stranger Than Fiction
* 2009 Kassler Dok Festival
* 2010 Seattle international Film Festival
* 2010 Henley International Film Festival


Forty Foot Website



8 Things to Remember

Not your typical anoraks, the planespotters Tim, Ed and Conor have become adept at monitoring and tracking the US military flights that land and refuel at Shannon Airport in neutral Ireland. Since early 2003 the lads have continued to photograph troops in desert fatigues hanging out in the arrivals hall and they have documented thousands of US military flights enroute or returning from active service in Iraq and Afghanistan. More recently they have recorded sightings of small planes linked with the US governments secretive policy of Extraordinary Rendition. Is the next stop for these unmarked charter planes Guantánamo Bay?

Running time: 12 minutes
Date: May 2009, Dublin


* 3rd place at the 2009 ICCL Human Rights Film Competition

Official Selection:

* The Darklight Film Festival 2009
* The Cork International Film Festival 2009
* The Kade & Kerry International Film Festival



ICCL Film Competition


SCR Community Garden

A short film giving background to the Community Garden situated on South Circular Road in Dublin 8. This film is now being used for out reach and training.

Running time: 7.5 minutes
Date: June 2009, Dublin


SCR Community Garden