The Housing Assembly video is now online

In the past few months Aoibheann O’Sullivan has been working with The Housing Assembly to make a video about their work. The video was commissioned by War on Want – a partner of  The Housing Assembly.

The Housing Assembly are a social movement based in Cape Town who have mobilised under the slogan “Decent Housing for All”. 21 Years after apartheid South Africa is still one of the most unequal societies in the world. Housing is at the core of this inequality and it is visibly reflected in the overcrowded Eastern Suburbs of Cape Town. You can watch the video here:

About the video:

This documentary tells the story of the Housing Assembly, a social movement in the Western Cape and partner of War on Want. The Housing Assembly was formed in 2009 to address housing inequality in Cape Town. They organise shack dwellers, back-yarders, people living in temporary relocation areas and those living in social housing. The Housing Assembly is represented in over 20 communities and has over 400 active members.  Their struggle for housing represents the disillusionment of millions of poor people who feel that the promise of better lives for all, made in 1994, has been broken.

Ebrahiem Fourie, a Housing Assembly activist, says of the Housing Assembly:

“We have to build this Housing Assembly so that we can realise our dream of decent housing for all. Our dream can only be realised if we organise. It is only us, the poor, the working class that can really liberate ourselves. It is imperative for me to do this”. 

Cape Town Housing InequalityThe video will be screened as part of a speaking tour hosted by War on Want. Two activists, Faeza Meyer and Josephine Abrahams from the Housing Assembly, will be in the UK from the 6 – 17 July 2015 to raise awareness of the housing struggles in South Africa and to connect with UK and other international activists.

After the speaking tour the video will be used by The Housing Assembly as outreach in communities across South Africa.

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