“Wake a Child” story for AFP

Recently Aoibheann O’Sullivan covered the “Wake a Child” initiative for a feature for Agence France-Presse [AFP]. Every weekday morning a group of mothers from Beacon Valley, Mitchells Plain, wake up the neighbourhood children, give them breakfast and make sure they go to school. In an area notorious for crime and crystal meth use, what these women are doing is remarkable.
Woman knocks on door
Auntie Mirrel even repairs school uniforms, so the poorer children don’t stand out amongst their peers.
Wake a Child Beaconvalley3
In 2013, it was forecast that fewer than 50% of pupils in the Western Cape are expected to complete their education. A recent World Economic Forum report claims 70% of the South Africa’s 15 to 34 year olds are unemployed. This group of women believe that education is the only way these children have a chance at escaping poverty.
Wake a Child Beaconvalley

The video is here on AFP’s youtube channel [click through to watch it]:

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